Lords of this Earth and the Biology of Spirits – Cosmic Banter part 3

Last time, we found out that Death doesn’t exist and got a chance to meet our next door neighbors.

But who or what are they, really? Let’s start with the basics:


Mental/Aetheric/Astral Substance == A proto-matter that exists primarily in either the minds of sentient beings or in the environment in the Astral world, that could be manipulated by the intentional direction of will by a sentient being called Thinking or Imagining.

Mental/Astral Objects == Objects and existences made of mental/astral matter that may or may not exist independent of a separate sentient being to form its existence with the act of thinking or imagining.Spirit_World_by_RudolfHerczog

Ideal Forms == Mental concepts and objects that do not have the Three Characteristics, cannot be directly experienced, and we only come to be aware of them through their instances.

Form Instance == Mental objects that are based upon an Ideal Form, but now exist because they have the Three Characteristics.


By correspondence, we can verify the existence of Mental or Astral substance using the substance that is already around us, an analog for the human mind in the wider world would be made of a similar substance that composes our thoughts.

Ideal forms don’t really exist the same way we do because they don’t have the Three Characteristics, we don’t even get to experience them directly. Once the lofty Ideal finds an existence in your mind, they instantly disappear and all that is left is an instance of it, confined to the limitations of your own existence, and shackled by the limits of your own mind. At that point, they are just like everything else, impermanent, decaying and subject to cause and effect. The very act of thinking about an Ideal Form creates an instance of it in your mind, which you could then use to infer the properties of the said Form.



Ideal Form – Triangle (a shape formed by 3 lines and three corners)

Form Instance –

This triangle is an instance of the Ideal Form, Triangle.

This triangle is an instance of the Ideal Form, Triangle.


Let’s take the Triangle example above, whenever someone thinks about triangle, the Ideal Form, Triangle manifests as an Instance in the thinker’s mind, which is now a true object that is impermanent (because the thought that is the triangle wont last in his mind forever), (decaying/changing, because of the inherent change happening in his mind, or might be because he is performing operations or other things on the triangle), and is subject to cause and effect (changes from within the thinker’s mind, the outside world, etc).

Many times, an idea, a thought becomes more than what it originally is. A mental object or a thought could be developed to a point where it has a certain amount of complexity and substance.


Mental Construct == Mental Objects and concepts formed from the previous experiences and thoughts of sentient beings. Similar to Ideal Forms, but is subject to the Three Characteristics, changes according to the total collective changes of all its instances and vice versa.


Mental Construct/Thoughtform == The Philippine Constitution

Construct Instance == The Supreme Court Justice’s interpretation of the Constitution.

Mental Construct/Thoughtform == The Human Race

Contruct Instance == A Human Being


Most thoughtforms start their existence as merely an instance of an immutable Ideal, mutated to the point of being nearly unrecognizable. For example, the concept of Chaos has always existed. When we think about Chaos, we usually think of a great Volcanic eruption, Typhoons, Tornadoes, the Wild. For our ancestors, nothing represented this raw, uncontrollable power than the Great Reptiles, like the Crocodile or the Python. This what might’ve lead to the concept of the Dragon, and its presence in all the world cultures. This would eventually lead to something more, especially when more people started piling their own developments upon the said instance.

Put on your tin hats, boys and girls.

If one spent enough time in Occult related blogs and forums, one would see the term “Archon” and “Archons being thrown around as being the forces behind governments, banks, secret societies and keeps the world the way it is.

First appearing in Gnostic Scriptures, the word Archon (which meant “Governor” in Greek) refers to the powerful entities the Demiurge has placed upon the world in order to maintain his/their dominance over the world.

Sounds a bit Ominous, Sinister, even? It probably is.

The Gnostics believed that even thought the Demiurge created the world, he was only a creation, himself, originating from the being we’ve come to know as God. Imagine if Lucifer/Shaitan/Sauron/*name of favorite evil overlord here* was the one who created the world and appointed his most powerful servants to govern the world, that’s how the Gnostics viewed the plight of the world. archon-700x295

With the intent of maintaining the Status Quo, the Archons would naturally work against the enterprise of freedom and liberation of the soul. There are accounts, too, that say they feed off of the collective suffering of mankind, thus incentivizing them to keep the world as horrid as it is, and then some.

This all borders into tinfoil-hat-land, where they say shadow governments, secret societies and extraterrestrials are working in conjunction with these powerful beings to control the world.

Now, having said all that, what does this have to do with what we’re doing here?

Remember mental constructs as stated above? Take the collective worldview of the majority, and the institutions and powers that make the world the way it is, you get a really big mental construct.

According to the Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness, consciousness arises from a sufficiently complex system whose parts are integrated to such a great extent that information fed into that system would become become unexpectedly more complex ( the act of experiencing), as opposed to feeding the same set of information to its individual parts.

A sentient being is always greater than the sum of all its parts.

By definition, a mental construct would be a very integrated system, because it changes according to how its different parts change, but would it be enough to generate a consciousness? Just like in the physical world, if enough people work on the mental construct by thinking about it or believing in it, it will become more and more developed, and more complex. If enough people participate in “feeding” the mental construct this way, the changes happening to the said thoughtform recording the said changes will be enough that the “Critical Mass” will cause the construct to “Wake up”.

Based on the definition of life in the previous chapter, we can say that when a certain thoughtform reaches the above “Critical Mass”, it would already have a life of its own, an independent existence. From the primordial soup of our collective minds, a whole menagerie of mental/astral beings could arise, with varying abilities to affect our world. archon-art

This is not to say that all astral entities all were created this way, there are certainly beings in the astral that have always existed as a purely astral/mental entity, but we’ll get to that in a later chapter.

Going back to the Archons, we can say that these powerful beings are both have come about as a product of our collective worldview, and the forces behind what makes the world work the way it does. Are they harmful? One of the most vital things a sentient being would have would be a sense of self-preservation, having reached the critical mass required to gain consciousness from the sheer number of people that passively believe in them, they would have a strong one at that. If they have come about as a result of our collective suffering, then they have great incentive to keep the world in misery.

This is not to say that any mental construct that reaches sentience is evil or harmful. For some would certain be born out of our collective belief in our better selves, out of our hopes and dreams. That’s why there are angels and saints.

So we are left with this, a world filled with the fragments of our minds, spirits and Archonic overlords causing events to take place without us even knowing. Time to make your mark.

Our Next Door Neighbors – Cosmic Banter part 2

Does an afterlife exist?

Good Question.

Yes. And No.

Let’s specify what we mean by life and death first:


Life == The ability to experience, exist, and the ability to act upon those experiences and one’s existence.

Death == The cessation of life.


With that out of the way, we can say for certain that life certainly exists (or does it?). We can even verify that it is very much impermanent, shifting/changing and it is subject to a lot of cause and effect.

Death? Not so much. Obviously it’s a pretty permanent state, no changing it once you’re down (though there are real accounts of people coming back to life after hours of death, we’ll get to this later) and nothing that you can do will really resurrect the dead (for the love of all things good, please stop trying, everyone’s paranoid about zombie outbreaks these days.). That means it really doesn’t exist, right?


A friend of mine pointed out the obvious:evil_spirit-t2

“Death is merely the absence of life.”

What she meant is that for example, “Cold” doesn’t really exist, and neither does “Hot”, there is only “Heat”, which could be measured by the vibrations of every individual particle in an object, eg. More Vibrations, More heat, less vibrations, less heat. We’ve been presented with a Black and White Fallacy when it comes to life and death. There is no life and death the way we understand it currently, only existence, which may increase and decrease at any given time and change according to internal and external factors. Therefore when we die, we only really just change.

Change, in this context, is a very weird thing.

Obviously, the world around us exists, it is whatever is not “us” whatever “us” or “ourselves” mean (We’ll get to that in later chapters.). And remember where I mentioned As Above, So Below? This is where it gets crazy.

“As Above, So Below”, otherwise known as the law of correspondence, states that there is a 1-to-1 correspondence between us, and the world at large. That we, Humans, or any Sentient Being for that matter, are patterned after the universe (or the other way around). This provides us with a symbolic map of our environment/s, useful in making sense out of things we shouldn’t be talking about.

We can say through experience that we have a mind and a body, and since both are impermanent, changing and is subject to cause and effect (we’ll just call them the three characteristics from here on, typing this sh*t is tiring), it is known that both exist in the same way (The mind and mental objects are just as real as physical ones). Radiating from ourselves to the world around us, we can immediately see that there are physical stuff we could move around, change, etc. According to the law of correspondence, there should be something in the outside world analogous to the mind, where mental objects can exist as well, independent of the person thinking the object.

It would imply that there must be a Mindscape or Ethereal realm that would support the existence of mental entities independent of a single mind, a kind of Spirit/Astral world would be a good way to describe it. Does this mean that the just-mentioned a product of our collective minds? Or are the contents of our minds made of the same stuff the Astral world does?

Chicken and Egg, really. I’m tempted to say they were made at the same time.

If we take this analogy further and look for hidden worlds by inferring them from our mind, we can say that there are finer, more ephemeral and ghostly realms in the Astral world the same way there are deeper parts of our mind we have yet to explore, like the Subconscious and the Superconscious (no, it’s not being worried too much if you look awkward. It’s the hypothesized Collective Consciousness linking humanity, and possibly, all sentient creatures, together.).

We keep on peeling through the Onion Layers of our Being, until we reach the sanctum sanctorum of our existence, Our True selves, Our Soul. Let’s define the soul as:


Soul == The Sentient Being’s True Self, the true core of their existence. Is Immortal, Immutable (does not decay/change) and is not affected by the laws of cause and effect.


Our definition as stated above makes the obvious analogy to be who we would normally call God, and we’ll define the term as:


God == Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent Being; Is Eternal, Unchanging and not subject to Causality, but rather, controls it.


The two above, wouldn’t exist the same way the Mind and Body does, because they lack the three characteristics. God doesn’t exist in the way we understand existence.

When we put it all together, we get this:

The Egg of existence

You can take that however you like. Either we are a Creation, or we are the Creator trapped inside his creation.


What people mean when they say matryoshka

Now, to clarify, it might suggest that the Physical world, Astral and the Direct Presence of the BIG GUY are all different places, stacked one on top of each other, but no, it is actually all mish-mashed together in an overlay that would give Adobe PS a run for its money. Same goes for the sentient being. The mind and soul are not necessarily contained within the body and each other like matryoshka dolls.

“That’s all fascinating and good, sir, but WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH DEATH AS CHANGING?!”

We’re getting there.


What I mean when I say matryoshka

As the Human mind is a fragmented beast, filled with contradictions of its own contradictions in more ways than Sunday, it usually dismantles itself and dissolves into the greater Astral environment, analogous to how the physical body decomposes into the earth around it (or gets eaten by worms and birds. I shudder to think what it would look like to eat the remains of someone’s Mind). Whatever parts that are left behind are what we usually call ghosts, which are actually just Mind-Corpses, Shells that have been left behind when the entire article broke. Sometimes they even leave imprints on places and objects, the same way we could leave our mark on a place and or object, or even a life, we might feel their presence long after they’ve left.

The Astral is where everything above, and everything we’ve never seen, or never want to see, are.

If we are to believe the Mages of the past, there are ways to prevent the mental disintegration, when the inevitable surrender of the Physical Body happens, physical death would only be the act of leaving a crumbling shell. It all comes out of a lifetime of training the mind to be a stronger, more unified creature. We’ll get to more of that in later chapters.

“Again, Afterlife, or No? What about reincarnation?”

As mentioned above, normally, people would die, and their mind-bodies would break apart normally. These would then become part of the mind of another creature altogether, the same way the body becomes part of the worms and other carrion that would feast upon your rotting corpses. What kind of creatures receive your “Mind-body parts” would depend on one’s state of mind and their overall mental and emotional health, the same way that the state of your body and the location of your grave/ body would determine the manner of decomposition and carrion that would eat your corpse.

For example, a person with a gigantic amount of misery, regret and guilt would likely to be encountering less than savory characters in the Astral, and knowing how sadistic some of them are, they might entertain themselves with your mind-body for a while before the inevitable CHOMP. Since time gets a bit blurry out in the Astral, the same way we have varying experiences with Subjective Time, it might feel like a literal eternity, a true Hell. A person in love for a long time, died without ever confessing to their sweetheart, would persist for a time, because their mind has hardened up to a certain point because of the passive mental training Love makes a person go through, not likely to encounter nastiness, but I’d still be careful.

So, recap, we’ve got:

* Life and Death are an illusion, only Existence and the changes thereof are there.

* Mental Objects exist as much as Physical objects do.

* There are levels of existence overlaid upon one another, physical and astral/mental.

* Death normally results in the decomposition of the being’s constituent parts, physical and mental, and re-absorption into their respective ecosystems.

* Certain measures can be taken to prevent the disintegration of the mental body, to make them act in unison and prevent them from flying apart the moment their common focal point dissolves (the sentient being, AKA: You).