The things I know for sure – Cosmic Banter part 1

I’m not really a fan of absolute truths. The belief in absolutes tend to be the driving force behind out of control trains.

But, if I had to say something, I would give you two things:

1) Everything that “exists ” has the following three characteristics:

* Impermanence

* Changes / Shifts / Decays (depending on your word preference, whatever floats your boat.)

* Is subject to cause and effect (Causality / Dependence)

2) As above, so below. (We’ll get into this later)

3) Anime is life.

Okay, that’s three, but the last part really doesn’t add up to our purposes here.

Anyways, I chose only two main things to base most of my reasoning for the succeeding chapters because of this here razor. The fewer assumptions one makes, the less likely one is to be wrong, and thus the more solid the arguments would be. And besides, the most successful people on earth have the least amount of fixed points in their thinking.

The first, I chose because during both my active magickal works and my meditative exercises, everything that I encounter had all three, regardless whether they were real, virtual, mental, or otherwise (Yes, the things in your head DO exist, and you don;t know how big you head really is). You could get your underwear bunched up and say “Hey, what about this and that there blah, blah, blah”, you’re entirely welcome. I know there’s a lot of things people say exist and don’t exist, but we’ll get into the nature of existence in the next chapters, we’ve got some interesting stuff with the “immutables”.

The second, because it lays a symbolic framework for me that actually makes sense. It affirms to me that I am both the result and the originator of the world (Read: Really good for talking about stuff we wouldn’t have the words for).

All the above shall be considered true in all the succeeding chapters.

This is gonna be a bumpy ride.Android_Train_Wreck_1