Personal Freedom, Windmills and Taking Responsibility of your Life

malawiwindmillI just read an article earlier about how a Malawian teenager prevent his entire town from being another statistic on the drought and famine charts by building fully-functional windmills from scrap parts. What’s even more amazing is that he was a droupout at age fourteen and had no prior technical training during the time he was building the said windmills. He didn’t wait for government officials and do-gooders from the west to give him a handout or build the infrastructure for him. Armed with a book on electrical engineering, he set out to the seemingly-quixotic task of building a windmill all by himself.

The seemingly Quixotic (see my reference there? *wink wink*) venture turned out to be the one that would prevent his town from falling victim to the drought and famine they were experiencing during the period. All because a boy took responsibility for his own existence. What about us, regular Joes and Janes who work 9-8 hours a day for 5-6 days a week who don’t have time for all that crap? Well…

That means you SHOULD.

We’re headed into a Cold War far worse than the one we had before, and all the things that make the world what it is will go head to head above and within our heads. The only way to prevent yourself from becoming collateral damage is to start making our own decisions, “Kill Your TV” and stop using the banks. Decentralize everything and start learning how to govern amongst our selves without having a central point having complete control. Because in time, those central points of control will become (if they aren’t yet) central points of failure. Or, have absolute control and dominance over your life.