The Community Synchronicity Journal

I’ve been lurking and posting around reddit for a while now, subscribed to r/occult and r/philosophy among other subs, but there’s this one page that I really found interesting. r/MysticsOnTheRise. Most of the occult or metaphysics-related subreddits there are more or less geared towards beginners with little to no magickal or mystical training or experience, and I think that sub really addresses this niche.

Now, hoping to help start a conversation and learn from it, I started a thread where people can write about their encounters with weird coincidences, Deja Vu, and other weirdness. Why? Mostly because it sounds like fun, and also because it’ll help us glimpse into how these things occur and what events correlate to them.

The party’s just starting, and you’re totally welcome to come.

You can view the entire thread right here

You are a HIVE of You’s. – The Multimind theory of consciousness

Let me go out on a limb and say that you don’t exist.

You can close your jaws now.

If you’re wondering what that statement meant, I meant that the entity that you call you, or the “thing” that I call me don’t exist.

I can see you’re getting more confused. Good. Read on.

We don’t exist as people, individual entities with singular identities, something that won’t budge no matter how hard you smash it against the wall. We are actually more like an anthill, a literal hive of activity. And, like a fragile anthill we are, we could get toppled over, intentionally or not, with the simplest of actions, resulting in us spilling our guts all over the place.

Think about it, you ever got so mad, or so horny, that you ignored all sense of better judgement that you’ve learned over your hopefully-not-so-brief stay on this planet? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, get the heck out of this blog, kid!)

After that hormone-spiked encounter, when asked to recount the said hot-bloodedness, lemme guess, you don’t even remember half of it, don’t you?

“I don’t know what I was thinking” “I didn’t even feel like I was me that time…” We all heard it before, and just goes to show that we are not the solid entity that we think we are. Look at your own body. The number of cells that compose your body are about the same as the number of stars in the universe. And all of those little cells have their own little bits of programming inside them to make them tick. They come together to form tissue, which then form organs and then organ systems, all of which become more and more complex in its internal processes that they take up about 1/3 of the entire composition of your brain.

Why am I talking about brain matter and stars in an essay about the human being an inherently divided creature?

Because it would not be so hard to think of it the same way when we apply that mode of analysis to our own minds, and the other things inside our head. As the old Hermetic axiom says, “As above, So below”, for every thing and process in the physical, there are corresponding thoughts, actions and processes taking places in the higher (or lower) planes of existence.

What am I trying to get at?

It’s all in your head. You just don’t know how big your head is. – Lon Milo DuQuette

I’ll let you think about it for a few seconds…


Arright, time’s up.


Your mind is composed of small units of data, which coalesce into thoughts, which then grooves a path into your brain forming habits, your personality, etc. For every honest thing you’ve ever done in your life, there is always that separate part of you that always wanted to take every thing for granted. And it’s all perfectly normal. A being as complex as the human animal cannot operate with only one mind. Take a computer for example. Do you know how many small programs are there in one normally operating PC?

No, don’t even attempt to answer that question.

For different situations, depending on what you’re currently using the PC for, different programs take precedence over the others, whether you’re doing you homework, or watching p*rn. How it all comes together, the OS or Operating System that ties them all together in a neat little tie is what we conveniently call Ourselves. It oversees control of the different parts of your psyche, and activates them, or put them on overdrive, whenever the need or proper stimuli arises.

Ever seen a demon possession in person? I have.

And you don’t want to see what lurks in the darkness of our own minds.

There is no YOU beyond the legion of your thoughts.

Nameless Wanderer

(This is in response to the Weekly Writing challenge: The Power of Names. Hope you guys like it.)

A forgettable young man hurries along a crowded cosmopolitan street, int the middle of one of the busiest evenings of the Imperial Calendar*, New Year’s Eve. He is wearing a great trenchcoat made of heavy cloth, wrapped around his tall and slender physique. He eyes his surroundings, taking good, long looks into the shadowy alleys and corner stores. The faceless mass of people never noticed it, but there were bright, incandescent red eyes staring back at the man.

The traditional paper lanterns were suspended high above their heads on a metal line, lighted by the gentle flames within. Left and right, there were people offering good-luck charms, talismans of all shapes and sizes, as well as necessities for the New Year’s Eve dinner table. All of them overshadowed by the titans that were the skyscrapers and commercial buildings and department stores that dominate the Capitol, selling their own brand of life-giving baubles and regenerative elixirs.

But this “young” man is looking for a different type of absolution tonight, on this festive, festive night.

I’ve been on the run for several decades now. I can’t tell you exactly how I got into this mess, but it has something to do with me doing forbidden rites at the right place at the right time. Its given me an unholy long life, control over the Aethyr*, among other terrifying and inhuman feats.

All of it for the low, low price of my name.

And, no, do not consider it, not for one moment. Never relinquish your name, the one given to you at birth, until you have something to replace it with, or if you’re already on your way to Nirvana. You can’t possibly know what it feels like to live without a name. Of course, there would always be the inconvenience of having to fabricate an identity over and over again, but that’s just the beginning…

Your name is where the “YOU” that you think you are begins. It is the dewdrop that condenses the storm that is the person, a placeholder for your own mark to be left in the world. Imagine being merely an existence, but never really living. No one knowing or becoming aware of your existence. You would always be that faceless stranger at the train. That nameless man you sat beside to in the bus. My powers could grant me power over my immediate reality without so much as making me sweat, but the Astral* placeholder for others to actually recognize that it was me that made the stars burn out before them, or caused the dead to come back to life, was missing, so I slowly faded from their consciousness, and they would soon relegate the causes of those miracles to more mundane sources.

And there’s also one more thing…

This young-looking man reaches an abandoned part of the marketplace district, and he slowed his pace as he noticed the fact that he was the only one there. It becomes difficult to breathe as the air grows thicker, colder. He pulls his coat over him to get warmer, to no avail. Shivering slightly, he gets truly uncomfortable as he feels the weight of over a thousand pairs of eyes gaze upon him. He looks into the darkness, but sees nothing.

I said something about names being the placeholders for one’s existence in the Astral, right? Lack of a placeholder would mean a lot of potential space. And remember that word, Potential. It comes from the word Potent.

And things with a lot of Potential, are great energy sources for those who feed on pure energy.

Did I ever say WHY I was on the run?

The winds pick up, quickly rustling up the light paper trash and plastic litter strewn across the empty pathway.  

It’s because I’m on the Menu.

Shadows coalesce into a barely human form, rising from the ground up, terminating in a horrible-looking impression of a human skull.

Y’know, Main Course…

It opened its jaws and let out a very inhuman screech before lunging furiously unto the silver-haired man in the abandoned street.

I’ve got to be somewhere! Of all the occasions to run into a metaphysical nasty!

The silver-haired man swiftly faced the creature and wrote a sigil into the air between him and the incoming creature in glowing red glyphs. 

And blinding silvery light shot into the darkness of the night.



*Imperial Calendar : The official calendar of the Serenian Empire.

*Aethyr: The probabilistic substance that forms from the thoughts and emotions of sentient beings.

*Astral: A parallel plane of existence made of completely of Aethyr.

The Fear of Results

Ever since I discovered the Ellis Sigil and upped my magickal practice, I’ve had an unprecedented surge of energy that scare me at times. As I fire more sigils, find new and more interesting ways to cast spells, the more and more confident I become in my abilities. Right now, I’ve got a pair of sigils I plan on firing together. I hesitate to do it not because I’m scared of it failing, but because that I’m sure that they‘ll work.
Somewhere in the very depths of my heart, I knew beyond doubt that it’ll work, the turn of events that’ll happen because of it, the mere thought of it, just scare me sh*tless.
The phrase “Be careful what you wish for” has been the fodder of dozens of movies and stories throughout history, serving as cautionary tales against shortsightedness. Its more than appropriate when magick is concerned. It makes the caster reevaluate his motives and his means, and to contemplate the long-term effects of their actions.

It’s the the feeling of immense potential and power at the very tip f my fingertips that brought me to that realization. I know that I’m sounding like such a sorcerous noob right now, but eff, it’s like the feeling of riding in a fast accelerating sport car, with a defect in the brake shoe. The first few seconds is pure bliss as you go from 0 to 80 kph. But come the realization that you’ve gone from 80 to 120 kph and beyond in a matter of seconds, and with no sign f stopping, the terror is beyond words.

I know that there will come a time that I’ll be going back to this post and laugh at myself, because by then, I would’ve done things unimaginable to me right now, the same way I’ve done things unimaginable to me five years ago. But I will never forget the feeling of feeling the world at the palm of my hands.

My own world, and it was up to me to protect or destroy.

Sigil Magick (AKA: squiggles that makes things happen)

Rarely is there anything more magical than seeing a large collection of mysterious symbols written upon a wall or worn-out book. Something at the back of your mind is simply expecting something awesome to occur. That’s why I love Sigil Magick so much, on top of the fact that it actually works!

Sigil magick dates back from antiquity when our ancestors believed that one can control an entity if one knew their true name, true number and sigil. Whole compilations of them were made, and with one spirit having at least one sigil for one purpose. The Ancient art of Kabbalah actually taught a system of sigilization where the letters of a spirit’s name were traced out on a Magick Square or Kamea that signified or embodied its general energies.

The 3×3 Magic Square, AKA the Saturn Square

But modern sigilization was devised by the English artist, mage and writer, Austin Osman Spare, who was the very first to proclaim that Chaos (he called it KIA by the way) was the only constant thing, that the only true freedom is to harness one’s desires instead of being devoured by it. His technique included writing down the specified intent, and, by using a variety of techniques, convert it into a graphic sign, or sigil. The most common process is to take away any repeating letters, combine the letters to form a shape, and simplify the shape up until the original letters can’t be recognized anymore, and of course, looks pleasingly magickal to your own eyes.

I’m sorry if this illustration looks a bit…
MS Paint, because it is.

The resultant could even have any type of embellishment or graphic decoration to make it look good. Nothing will make it lose it’s power, there’s no exact formula to making these kinds of sigils, just follow what feels right and you’ll do just fine.

Okay, so let’s say we’ve already got your sigil composed, and it looks all mysterious and magickal now. But its still really just a squiggle on paper at this point. The real magick is to charge or fire the sigil into wherever (usually the subconscious, but I just call it the Void, much cooler.), and that’s the tricky part. The goal is to reach the state of Gnosis* while staring at or visualizing the sigil.

This state of mind (or actually, no-mind), can be achieved by either two ways, by overexerting or inhibiting the consciousness by dancing, spinning, fervent chanting, meditating, self-choking, etc, until one reaches that point where their mind is TOTALLY BLANK. This is considered the key to effecting magickal effects, contrary to traditional beliefs that energies, spirits, etc, would power the magicks.

But, how about me, I’ve been working with spirits, deities, for a long time now, how is this useful to me?

This technique fits into absolutely any belief system, any tradition and any method. Let’s say that one usually calls upon the aid of spirits in their magick, they could present the sigil to their patron entities and ask them to empower the thing, before the mage actually charges the sigil with whatever method they use. I personally use the sigils as the primary symbols in my talismans, and enchant it like any other mage would charge a talisman.

Using these would actually make the intention of the spell, talisman, etc, much clearer and of course, you’d avoid the consequences of vague intentions, which include:

  • The effects weakening, because the “target” goal can’t be pin-pointed
  • Various unwanted or unintended effects to occurring (be careful what you wish for!!!)
Oh, yes, something as simple as this has totally all the potential to bring powerful effects, with enough practice and experimentation, I’m sure you guys will be able to find how to use this technique to improve your daily life, if not at least kill a few minutes of your boredom-time. 
*Gnosis is the state of mind where the mind is completely void of any thoughts or mental action. Considered as the best state to perform magickal effects. 
**Further Reading : 

Ghost Hunt (A review)

A strange series of events occurring around your place? Feel like the ones who’ve past on simply can’t?You willing enough to put your spiritual safety in the hands of a seventeen year old genius?

Who you gonna call?

Not Ghost Busters! You call Shibuya Psychic Research!

That’s the team of psychics that was eventually formed after an encounter with paranormal activities at the high school of Mai Taniyama, Ghosthunt’s leading lady.

After a series of unexplainable accidents at her school, the administration was so shaken that they’ve enlisted the help of professional ghost hunter, 17-yr old Kazuya Shibuya, head of Shibuya Psychic Research, and his mysterious assistant, Lin. Mai becomes involved in the SPR’s mission at the school when she accidentally breaks a several-thousand-dollar-HD-camera and gets Lin injured. These turn of events lead her to having to pay off her debt by working as an assistant at SPR.

At the same project at Mai’s school, they also met several psychics that eventually became regulars at the SPR’s operation. The powerful Monk Hosho Takigawa, Priestess Ayako Matsuzaki, Exorcist John Brown and the Spirit Medium Masako Ohara.

The things I like most about this anime (haven’t read the manga yet) is that the plot details were all well researched, the authors trying their best not to overglamorize or oversimplify what they were up against or what they do. Like for example, Lin’s abilities are based off of traditional Far Eastern Magick, which included elements of Taoism, esoteric Buddhism and Japanese shamanism. The and same thing goes for Hosho, who was usually call Monk-san. He was a fully initiated Monk in the Shingon Buddhist tradition, and they did their best to be as accurate in their portrayal of him while making sure his spirit-combat scenes were still die hard awesome.

Another thing I like most here is the synergy and collaboration between the characters. Of course there would be the occasional disagreement here and there, and the hilarious domo-face scenes where Ayako would pummel Monk-san with something big and heavy, but, despite it all, they are all very harmonious and their total lack of prejudice and discrimination between themselves is truly amazing. Because certainly in the past, especially from the history of where I came from, being with people outside your faith is a very big no-no. Here, the only thing that matters is not from which religion or tradition they came from, but whether or not their competent enough at what they do to contribute to the team. That’s a modern mage’s dream they got there, a brotherhood of faiths working together to accomplish the Work. It’s totally refreshing, and almost a brand-new concept (to Filipino and Western eyes, at least. Japan’s been off the creedism wagon a long time ago.)

And of course there’s the story.

Early parts of the anime, they did the normal Fix-the-Freakiness routine in schools, houses, etc, to build up the characters and their dynamic. But it all gets serious by the second half of the anime’s 25-episode run. They didn’t fall into the hole of being predictable, and most of their later arcs revolved around much more sensitive topics, like Verbal abuse in schools (in Forbidden Pastime), Self Preservation (in Bloodstained Labyrinth), and Idolatry/Folk religion (in Cursed House)

All in all, this is a very good anime, visual wise with all the graphic representaions of the magickal/paranormal events, ,story wise with good character development and group dynamic, historical accuracy and underlying themes not sacrifced for glamour, and fun wise because it all ties down together in a very well executed anime.

Enjoy watching!! ^ _ ^

Binding or Cursing? (or why the heck would you detonate your soul to get back at a jerk?!)

There was this one person in my life that I regret as having ever met, and worst about it is, -I had to be under the same roof as them for at least five years.
Without going into the details, it was just simply intolerable. The constant feel of being unwelcome in your own home, the antagonistic eyes watching, waiting for you to make a single mistake. And when that happens, they’ll never let up the topic until they’ve made sure your day would be pretty effed up at the end of the day. Self-Help authors, Life Coaches and Enlightened Gurus would all tell me that this is my opportunity to rise up above the crap that’s being thrown at me at a daily basis. And that was my mind set for the first several months. But all is subject to change, and that’s where I got a taste of the Dark Side.

I didn’t even need Darth Sidious to nudge me on.

It all began when she started picking on my younger brother and my mom. At home, my brother (I’m the eldest in four brother, by the way, and I’m referring to the one born right after me) was usually the one assigned to do the dishes. When the self-righteous *itch came home that night and happened upon him washing the dishes in a way that she thought that she didn’t like, she just went ballistic and started a long derisive litany on how he was dirtying the dishes, making her eat dirt and all that other bullcrap. I saw that happening, and saw my brother already shaken, my mom saw that too. All the months and years of pent-up resentment rose in her (my mom) and she exchanged a few harsh words with her.

I simply couldn’t hold it in anymore, and since getting into actual fisticuffs wasn’t really my thing, I did the thing I knew best… -I pulled out my malice and turned it into a curse.

I took some twist-tie wires and formed the shape of a person, got some black yarn and wrote the most goddamed-seethingly malicious sigil I’ve ever written. Calling up the self-discovered/created entity I called The Shadow Prince (overly cheesy and cliche’, I know) and asked him to power my working. I proceeded in chanting the mantra I’ve formulated, and twisting the black yarn around the wire poppet, while I bathed in the sensation of my anger and hatred. Then, at the peak of Gnosis, I picked up a sharpened and runed popsicle stick and stabbed it right into poppet, visualizing the Prince’s silver arrows piercing through that Person’s chest, making them rot inside.

At the end of it, I covered the poppet and the runed popsicle stick in a bit of cloth and threw it into a ditch somewhere.

Three days later, that person who hurt my brother and mother, suddenly came in complaining painful headaches, neck pains. It gradually progressed to her vomiting until there was nothing left to vomit, and her losing consciousness. She was brought to the hospital later that evening.

I was satisfied, but I was also afraid inside. I was afraid of what I could do and what its price would be.

The answer to that question came in three weeks after, where hideous pus-filled boils started growing on my hands and feet. It was painful, and I can’t even hold onto anything without my nerves screaming at me. Walking was pure torture, with the same boils also growing on the soles of my feet.
It only started fading away when I was able to keep my own hatred in check, and after attending a few religious meetings (you know, the type of young missionaries that insist on bringing you to their fold).

Ever since then, I had a much clearer understanding of how my actions today will affect my future, do something terrible, and usually eventually, something terrible will happen to you as well. Which brings me to answer the question at the title o’ this post: There’s no reason why one who could already cause things to happen to spend their time and effort trying to harm someone, the feedback isn’t worth it, there’s more things worth your while. If someone is already actually being harmful to one and one’s family, simply bind them, tie them up in their own karmic yarn so they won’t be able to cause anyone more harm.

Neutralize doesn’t mean Kill.