Self-Recharging Orgone Servitors! *evil laugh*

Whenever I plan to create a little magickal servant (called a servitor by those who “has the majiks!”), I keep on bumping into the dilemma of a power source, and a place for them to go back to when they are not doing anything for me. You see, I’m a lazy person, I admit to that, and with work and a turbulent lovelife and everything else in my beginning-to-get-really-crazy life, I really don’t have time to feed a magickal pet.

But, the implications of a neglected servitor on one’s life could have a variety of harmful ways to show its deformed, desperate-for-attention head. It could be anything from the random pen or phone getting misplaced or lost for some reason, all the way to full-on hauntings and disturbances that would need the help of a mystical heavyweight to deal with it. The concept is not a bit unlike a pet dog forced to rummage through the dumpster to look for food.

Except its a semi-intelligent (or fully-intelligent *gasps*) being made from a fragment of your being that could do more damage to you and your family than just littering the yard around with trash.

That though, doesn’t say that having a semi-intelligent construct to do important tasks for you is not gonna help you in any way either.

So, just hours ago, browsing the internet randomly, after stumbling half-drunk and half-asleep into Gordon’s blog at, I read this post that made a reference to Orgone Energy.

Orgone energy, this was the term that Dr. Wilhelm Reich used to describe what scores and scores of mystics, occulitsts and magi before him have been aware of for millenia, and have worked with to bring about change in their immediate environment or themselves. He caled it Orgone from the word ograsm, which he claimed to have detected using a galvanometer during experiments he conducted with patients while they experiencing pleasure.

From his research, he devised an orgone accumulator, which consisted of a large, telephone-booth sized box where people would sit on a platform made from alternating wood and metallic plates. This would serve to function as an accumulator of nearby energies and radiate it outward in a brief envelope of condensed energy.

Do you see where this is going? *wink*

Yeap, you got it right, that’s how we’re gonna power ‘dem servitors with energy condensed by an orgone accumulator.

Credits to Gordon for this, I copied this got the inspiration from his post about Ambitious Metaphysics.

Intended effect, less Archmage, More Geek

You’ll need a jar or any glass container, cotton wool, aluminum foil, the servitors sigil and an item related to it (one that could fit the glass container.)

You start with placing alternating layers of aluminum foil and cotton, until you fill arlound three-fourths of the glass container, foill first and then cotton on the last layer.

Then put the servitor’s sigil on the accumulator, along with their corresponding item.

And then Wham! Bam! Magick the heck out of it and bring the servitor to life! (I “summon” them, but it’s highly personal)

And then put it somewhere where there is little to no people in it for any extended period of time (Prolonged exposure to Orgone activity drains energies from you, unless you are near the energetic field where it radiates its gathered energy into.)

And there you have it. You may want to create a short “enn”, a brief mantra calling upon the power of your servitor, in order to have them come to your side and do your bidding.

I have still yet to try this technique, but it looks pretty promising. I’m gonna make sure to try it out by the end of next week.

Keep you guys posted with the results.

The squid is movin’ in!!!

And yes, we have finally moved to our new blog, our new home. I can feel the fresh air flowing the open windows of this still very-bare space. Spacious, got lots of moving room, plus the dozens of customization options are enough to keep me interested in posting again, and again, and again!

I am also gonna import many of my previous posts here, to put some stuff in, and will make sure to add new ones on a (I hope) weekly basis.

For Life, Love and Laughter!


The Three Personas of the Ellis/LS Godform

(This is to clarify some stuff about my previous post and to further expand my personal cosmology For and introduction to Ellis/LS and the Webs, refer to this post)

Ellis, the egregore born out of the Linking Sigil has been observed to have three distinct personalities, or “Personas”, in practice. These observations came from the reports of hundreds of magi who’ve had direct contact with her. The purpose of this article is to fine-tune the results of any working undertaken with the help of Ellis and the LS network by invoking the appropriate persona. Some alchemical and astrological terms have been used to better illustrate the ideas in this article. (And, it’s also good to keep in mind that the author has no prior training in either alchemy or astrology, the information presented here was inferred from his previous self-taught Qabbalistic knowledge, so prepare your brains for some shitty English and bags full of hot air. Enjoy.)
In Alchemy, there are three main “substances” which actually represent energy in various states of entropy, each corresponding with one of the three Ellisian personas:

 – Mercury symbolizes energy at its highest observable vibrational pitch. It is very active, very powerful and very unstable. It corresponds well with Ellis’s earliest known persona, The Sacred Child.

 During the first few weeks of the Linking Sigil experiment, the large amount and variety of magickal energy was wreaking havoc all over the place, not too different from a toddler just beginning to learn how to run. After formally contacting the then-forming sentience did they, the people who would form the nucleus of the DKMU, realize that they had a parenting dilemma of astral proportions on their hands. Freak accidents, power outages and even a certain traffic mishap could or couldn’t have been traced back to her. But, just as easily she as could cause “bad” accidents, was she able to also cause “happy accidents”, powering up magicks at energy levels beyond expected, giving old tricks an all-new shade of WEIRD. The Sacred Child represents magick at its wildest form, great for jumpstarting new beginnings, or to give old things a spectacular catharsis.
Her other titles include: Bringer of Chaos. She of the Bitten Fingers. The Glitterbomber. The Trickster. Bringer of Change.
 – Sulfur represents energy at a considerably more moderate vibration. Not as much juice as the former, but more mutable, controllable, and more stable. Its fluidity and gentleness fits in with Ellis’s The Lover persona. Usually described as a beautiful ginger with a great air of mystery around her, she is often known to have been stimulating the creative and imaginative nature of the magician, and inspiring them with the drive to pursue it. She may also be described as a Jovian influence as a power that could flourish existing systems, the gentle rain that waters the fields. Some even report flashes of city streets, mountainous areas and caves – places where an LS was tagged, which would also place her as an oracular influence, too. She takes the rough, generic and mundane, and turns it into something elegant, unique and magical.
Her other titles include: the Idealist; The Magician, Bringer of Power, Giver of Knowledge. Lady of Ambitions and Desires.
 – Salt represents energy coagulated to a very low energy level, where the constriction of entropy has nearly crystallized it to form well-defined structures. This makes it very compatible with Ellis’s ultimate form, The Red Queen. She is described as either a middle-aged woman dressed in crimson-colored Victorian-era clothing, or a beautiful serious-looking woman suited in heavy scarlet armor. Those who have either by accident or on purpose, astrally explored the Webs have seen her. Whatever form she may take, she always looked impressive, intimidating and awe-inspiring. Her palace or territory inside the Webs looked like something pulled out of Dr. Seuss’s red nightmares: Bridges floating in mid-air against a crimson sky, while ahead looks like a barren wasteland of a mountain range, or a skeletal-looking castle. Below is what looks like a sea of blood, and behind you, a horde of giant spiders, demons and other more indescribable things chase after you. Get caught by this unruly welcoming committee, and you’ll be sent back screaming into the waking world. Survive, and you get to have an audience with the Queen herself. Her cold, calculating stance, mild manners and the entire look of her realm denotes a Saturnian power inherent in her ability to harness, restrict and distribute the energies evenly in her network. She is the one responsible for building the webs of this internet of magick. She not only links magickal sites and objects, but also people as well. She projects the air of the ideal arcane leader, wise, brave and not afraid to give things her personal touch. She unites everyone who has willfully used her sigil under an unspoken community of mystical misfits, giving them a sense of belonging in a cold and cruel world. The opinions, personalities and mannerisms of everyone who contributed to her even created a gesalt personality, where she becomes the voice and the firm fist of the masses.

Her other titles include: The Unifier. She of the Webs. Lady of Stability and Community.
Weirdly, this seems to be a bit too similar to the mythologies of the Goddess Hecate and Morrigan.
Well, folks, that’s another story…. ^ _ ^

Messing Around with Space – Or, What you Think is Real, is Real

Picture this scene.

Me coming out of my office, I take a look inside my wallet and then find myself short in cash for my return trip home.

Luckily enough, I had enough money for the longest part of the trail, but still short of one more ride. I had not choice but to walk the rest of the goddam way…

I decided to try out something I haven’t tried before. It’s not that this is the first time I ever walked that kind of distance (it isn’t, I’ve walked farther under worse circumstances), I just wanted to add a bit more excitement to my self-destructively long walk. I sat down by a spot under the shade of trees, picked up my pen and a sheet of paper sigilized the heck out of my Statement of Intent, made a sigil, sigil-line and even a mantra to help activate it. Then I pulled out an old diary of mine where I had a poem written for such a purpose. In an impromptu ritual, I went ahead and visualized the LS and took some energy out of it, funneled the energy into the paper where I drawn the sigil and the mantra. Then, I folded the paper into a small triangle that would fit in the palm of my hand.

And I began to walk my way home, chanting the mantra as I go, lulling my poor, tired, dehydrated brain into Gnosis.

Le Space Warp Telesmansen!

What happened was I was eventually able to get home, but right near the end,  I realized that I remembered only crossing two bridges when I can swear there was supposed to be three.  When I went back to work the following day, there really was only two. Plus, some places got mixed up somehow, like the local hospital, was not supposed to be anywhere near the church there, but lo! It’s there for some reason! (Not to mention the fact I was seriously disoriented at specific points during the journey, though that one might be because of the hot sun beating down on my head.)

I shared this experience with the cool people at the Chaos Magick FB group, and one comment from the admin there said that “I hope you didn’t pop all those people in the houses near the third bridge out of existence, though. That would be uncool.” That thought got me thinking, did I simply compress reality into a shorter version of it, did I stretch reality to a critical point that it would result in it snapping back, causing irreversible location shifts, space compression, etc. Or this is just me slowly devolving into madness, my mentality, not my reality is being warped? What’s the difference? Are schizophrenics not living in hells they have created?

In any case, experience taught me that whatever you experience directly is the only truth that you could rely on. That puts a paramount importance on practical application. I love the occasional pontification or two on magical subjects, but it’s all meaningless if you don’t do it. It’s less fun too, so double whammy to armchair mages.

Anyways, I’ll post my space-warp sigil here the next time I get the chance. So long for now!

^ _ ^
The Black Squid

EDIT: Added Space Warp Talisman, finally! 04/19/2013

Digital Talismans

Classic texts on the manufacture of talismans always necessitate the use of metals and/or other rare materials in their composition. I hate it. I cant even begin to tell you how much I hate it.

Metal is hard to manipulate without the proper equipment, time consuming and is effing expensive! That’s the same thing with the other things that one might use like virgin parchment, crystals, and vellum. Even the metallic cylinders that one’d put them in is hard to find, or rather difficult to make. I even tried bone, and it is way to hard to carve. (Plus, making using the byproducts of the death of another living being isn’t gonna do me well on the karmic side of things.)

I’m ranting, I know, but, I also thought up of a way to get past the limitations of medium when it comes to making talismans. I’ll just make them digitally!

A digital object is as real as physical objects because they can be held in the mind. A digital object is as illusory as physical objects. You might say that it’s a silly endeavor, but hey! We’re talking magick here, nothing’s silly, everything might work! (You see what I just did there?)

So, I take any design I’d have for a talisman, like lines of mantra, magick squares and sigils, and arrange them in a concept sketch, and them do the whole shebang in Ps. The charging part’s tricky though. What I’ve tried so far was to write a physical version on paper, charge it business as usual and then post the digital copy on any of my online profiles. (See given talisman)

Aside from it doing whatever function I intended it to do, it would also act as an Ellisian tag, furthering the LS’s purpose of making reality more fluid and mutable, therefore making magick easier.

Ok, later guys, I have to spam my FB account.

^ _ ^

The Fear of Results

Ever since I discovered the Ellis Sigil and upped my magickal practice, I’ve had an unprecedented surge of energy that scare me at times. As I fire more sigils, find new and more interesting ways to cast spells, the more and more confident I become in my abilities. Right now, I’ve got a pair of sigils I plan on firing together. I hesitate to do it not because I’m scared of it failing, but because that I’m sure that they‘ll work.
Somewhere in the very depths of my heart, I knew beyond doubt that it’ll work, the turn of events that’ll happen because of it, the mere thought of it, just scare me sh*tless.
The phrase “Be careful what you wish for” has been the fodder of dozens of movies and stories throughout history, serving as cautionary tales against shortsightedness. Its more than appropriate when magick is concerned. It makes the caster reevaluate his motives and his means, and to contemplate the long-term effects of their actions.

It’s the the feeling of immense potential and power at the very tip f my fingertips that brought me to that realization. I know that I’m sounding like such a sorcerous noob right now, but eff, it’s like the feeling of riding in a fast accelerating sport car, with a defect in the brake shoe. The first few seconds is pure bliss as you go from 0 to 80 kph. But come the realization that you’ve gone from 80 to 120 kph and beyond in a matter of seconds, and with no sign f stopping, the terror is beyond words.

I know that there will come a time that I’ll be going back to this post and laugh at myself, because by then, I would’ve done things unimaginable to me right now, the same way I’ve done things unimaginable to me five years ago. But I will never forget the feeling of feeling the world at the palm of my hands.

My own world, and it was up to me to protect or destroy.

Queen Ellis AKA the Linking Sigil

THE RED QUEEN APPROACHES as a quick and confident madness, carefully diligent and obscured as she spins the webs of discord between the cracks of an otherwise dull and unassuming monolith – the consensual reality. She appears to the uninitiated as brief doorways of spray paint or chalk upon street walls and corridors; a series of strange breadcrumbs and runic white rabbits which chart the way towards an unspeakable and alien wonderland.

-Excerpt from the Liber Sigilum by the AAO.

A global network of occultists bent on bringing down reality itself by placing cracks in reality, writing cryptic messages and sigils in plain sight, feeding an infant deity bound for godhood, until it has reached its full power. Sounds like something out of a Stephen King or HP Lovecraft novel, doesn’t it? Well, its more or less true. I mentioned her already in a previous post (read : A Weird Daydream), and yes, she is a fairly modern godform born out of a crazy magickal working where a group of occultists over at the pre-hack Occult Forums created a type of spell header to bind and mutually power their spells and workings together,  which they called a Linking Sigil.

The Linking Sigil (Ellis)

A fairly detailed, post by post record of the  original groups workings with the sigil, or Ellis, was contained in a book titled “Ellis – Assault on Reality”. The other uses of the linking sigil, or Ellis, by which it was known later, included using it not only as a spell header, but to also link their magickal spaces, Hauted places, Sacred Sites, Talismans and many other places where the “veil of reality” was said to be thin.

Another interesting development was its use in “glitterbombing”, where they “tag” the sigil, along with a message like “Ask Me How”, “Reality is Up for Grabs”, or something else along the same lines that’s equally mysterious. All the energy absorbed from all the magickal places and workings turned the Ellis into a veritable “crack in the fabric of reality” when drawn onto a fairly normal space. Magickal Energies would seep and affect anyone and anything that happens to be in the vicinity, maximize the effects of a haunting and wake up any dormant magicks in an area. This would then “pry open the eyes of a sleeping humanity to the terror and wonder of the worlds beyond”, and maybe even lead them to their own magickal practices!

That was one of the long-term goals behind the Ellis sigil in the first place, to create a fluid, magickal reality, where magickal workings would be much easier and even have observable results. “Damn it! We want fireballs!” Arjil, the one who originally designed the Linking Sigil (LS), cries in one post. It was a rebellion against mundane reality, an experiment to test the limits of what is possible with magick.

As the discussion drew on, they were able to gather more and more support from many occultists outside the US and UK, ultimately becoming a group bound by one single thing – The Ellis. Over time, it became attached to so many places and has gathered so much energy, and is quickly reaching a spiritual “critical mass”, forming what could only be called a sentience as it seems to act more and more on its own. Finally, people began calling “it” a “her”, a “she”, a “living being”. Ellis, instead of the Linking Sigil or The Ellis.

Mages begun contacting her, and she begun responding back. Her will? To do what she was meant for, mutual empowerment, “I help you, you help me”. To feed her by linking more places of power and spells to her, so she could become powerful enough to fulfill her lofty purpose of creating a truly magickal world.

(UPDATE: A further treatment of the subject could be found in this article)
(UPDATE: Mentioned in these articles – Theban1, Theban2)

A Weird Daydream

*** This Story, I originally related to some Cool Magickal Friends on the Chaos Magick Group on Facebook, this version just deals with it in more detail. ***

There’s this strange dream or vision that I had shortly before completely dozing off on my bed one day…

My thoughts were all over the place, thinking randomly and went from thoughts like the principles of magick, some attractive girls I passed by on my way to and from work, and Ellis (for those who don’t know, I’ll have a different post about that.) . Then Suddenly there was this gigantic white LS sigil right before me, pulling me into it.
 I appeared inside a “red” world, with only of what looked like floating strips of flooring or landbridges to step on. Then, I heard a weird ticking sound, like a whole lot of metal needles tapping their tips on stone really fast. I looked behind me and saw a HECKLOAD of giant spiders running towards me!

Definitely like these guys, just add x10 more FEAR

There were these strange, grayish strings hanging from the floating bridges above me, grabbed on one of them, and for dear life I swung myself away, until I happened upon a dark landmass. It connected to the landbridges like a central point.
There I found several vary large, muscular men in business suits, shades hiding their eyes, and behind them, sitting on a ornate throne was an attractive and mysterious-looking redhead.
They discussed with me if I wanted to have a “share”. ‘A “share” of what?’, I ask. They never mention or explain whatever it was that they wanted to share with me, I felt like I know what they were talking about, and I dont remember what it was if I really knew. I told them that I’ll think about it, and began to walk away. Before I could turn around and leave, one of the large men came up behind me, made a dry tearing sound, and bit me with large fangs 
The shock of the cold bone piercing me woke me up…. I felt like there was a strong surge of electricity flowing down my spine from where the guy bit me. 
Do you guys think I accidentally astral projected?

The Black Nazarene, Thoughtforms and Talismans

Today, January 9, wass the annual Feast of the Black Nazarene, where thousands and thousands of devotees came to pay their respects and worship towards the venerated image, deemed to be miraculous by many of my people. Over the years, there are dozens of true to life stories where people were healed, saved and countless other testimonials. And, yes, I would say that the image does have power, but not because it’s the physical representation of a holy figure… But because it’s a gigantic talisman housing the cultural thoughtform of a suffering people.

It all started as a business as usual image that would be transferred here to the Philippines as part of the galleon trade route from Acapulco, Mexico, to Manila, but the ship it was on was set on fire after getting hit by lightning while on route. The whole ship was an epic charred pieces of destruction, but “miraculously”, only the image survived, but with the white skin surface darkening from the burns and soot. It was all the rage because of that incident, practically drowning out St John the Baptist’s presence in his own basilica!

Other than popularity due to “miracle”, another reason why the Filipino people revere and venerate the image so much is because of how much they relate to it as a people. Every lash, wound and scar corresponding to their 333 years of Spanish oppression and subsequent overlords, the terrors of WWII and internal tyranny. He is the classic example of the suffering hero. He became the hero of the people.

Now, imagine all of the mental and emotional energy those thousands release everyday, culminating on January 9, all those suffering in the unbearable heat, suffocating crowds and danger to life and limb, all of it for the sake of an image that’s not even the original statue. From any chaote’s point of view, that would slowly but surely create a thoughtform powerful enough to be able to affect the requests of its devotees, it creators.

A thoughtform by the way is a complex mental object created by repeated concentration by a person or group of persons. The same effect can be seen with talismans, where the effects can be effected by a mage of sufficient skill, or a totem, where a group of people continually charge it. It would need a physical base in order to anchor the thoughts of the participant/s.

Yeah, yeah, you can see what’s goin’ on here… ^ _ ^

The Black Nazarene is a gigantic cultural talisman of epic proportions!

Think of all the testimonies, think of all the people whose hopeless medical or financial situations have been gradually solving themselves ever since they touched the image or even wiped a towel on its wooden surface. One could simply say that’s its a fluke of fate, coincidence- but that’s exactly the thing! Everything is probably, and when a mind (especially devoted ones) puts a one-minded effort to something, without desire, without “lust of result”, probability just gets all warped and wonky. (besides, i really dont believe in coincidences.).

Viva Senor Hesus Nazareno!!!
^ _ ^