Personal Freedom, Windmills and Taking Responsibility of your Life

malawiwindmillI just read an article earlier about how a Malawian teenager prevent his entire town from being another statistic on the drought and famine charts by building fully-functional windmills from scrap parts. What’s even more amazing is that he was a droupout at age fourteen and had no prior technical training during the time he was building the said windmills. He didn’t wait for government officials and do-gooders from the west to give him a handout or build the infrastructure for him. Armed with a book on electrical engineering, he set out to the seemingly-quixotic task of building a windmill all by himself.

The seemingly Quixotic (see my reference there? *wink wink*) venture turned out to be the one that would prevent his town from falling victim to the drought and famine they were experiencing during the period. All because a boy took responsibility for his own existence. What about us, regular Joes and Janes who work 9-8 hours a day for 5-6 days a week who don’t have time for all that crap? Well…

That means you SHOULD.

We’re headed into a Cold War far worse than the one we had before, and all the things that make the world what it is will go head to head above and within our heads. The only way to prevent yourself from becoming collateral damage is to start making our own decisions, “Kill Your TV” and stop using the banks. Decentralize everything and start learning how to govern amongst our selves without having a central point having complete control. Because in time, those central points of control will become (if they aren’t yet) central points of failure. Or, have absolute control and dominance over your life.

Going against the Empire – The Federate Strikes back

With the recent sanctions placed upon Russia by the US and its cronies in the EU, and the drop in crude oil prices, a resource that contributes as much as 15% to its nation’s GDP, Russia is already well on it’s way to combat all this crap and sets its sights upon finding workarounds that will allow them to side step the economic sanctions by forming its own alternative to the SWIFT payment rail (and action mirrored by their most powerful ally), contributing to their plans on de-dollarisation by forming an alternative to the IMF.

What does all this mean and why am I talking about this stuff on a blog that mostly talks about sigils and spirits forming out of our collective unconscious? Why, I am hurt that you would even ask.

A Shadow Empire is a (sometimes not so) covertly formed dominance set up by one nation-state upon the majority of the other nations. Does this sound familiar? *coughs* USA *coughs*

All this means is that the balance of power at the very top echelons of power is shifting. The Shadow Empire (not so) covertly set up by the United States by its dominant presence in the UN, its global military supremacy by means of the NATO and its economic hegemony by means of the USD being the world’s reserved currency (and being the unit of account over at the IMF) is being challenged by its old enemies. What’s worse the aforementioned old enemies are already forming an alliance that poses a significant risk to their several-decades old Pax Americana. We are headed face first into a cold war (we might as well already be in one), and war is a time of great chaos, cold or otherwise. And chaos brings a lot of opportunities, magickal and otherwise.

They (The Shadow Empire) is aware of this and wants to keep watch over all of its (most of the time unknowing) citizens and keep them preoccupied and complacent by having them play Candy Crush and drool over Kim Kardashian’s legs on their debt-financed iPhones. They want you that way because that’s the only way they could get away with funding Drone attacks and proxy wars on oil-rich lands with enemies they refuse to confront face to face (Hint: It’s the same ones old suspects).  This is also because if the people really cared about what they already know is happening (not to mention all the things they don’t know), then there would be an uprising before someone could say “Viva la Revolicion!”.

With the sudden increase in background chaos as a result of all of this, now more than ever is the best time to start practicing magick (if you aren’t already), and start taking responsibility for your own existence. The Shadow Empire’s enemies (BRICS Politico-Economic bloc) are already setting up the beginnings of a resistance. But, this rising power would only serve to contribute to how the world works, and would try to control every aspect of their citizens’ lives, if possible, because that’s how they sustain themselves.

Fortunately, today we have the tools needed to take up responsibility of most, if not every, area of our lives. One of these things is finance. Banks have been soaking up a lot of our hard-earned money just by existing, and that sounds very psychic vampire to me. Charging $5 there and $20-$45 here for that overdraft, it’s just terrible. They take note of every little transaction you made with your debit card and send it off to your unseen overseers over at little ole’ Shadow Empire. And not to mention them being the source of the 2008 financial meltdown.

Absolute power currupts absolutely, as they say, and the Banking sector have indeed reached this point in our financial lives. We could get rid of this by turning towards solutions that cut out the middleman and place the power to hold people’s money back into their own hands, things like Bitcoin [1, 2] and Ripple. I won’t go into them right now, but they will help in securing your own assets and prevent other people from being able to deduct and/or freeze your money without your consent.

Money and finance is where the real war is in. Russia and its allies are already making their moves. Money is just the part of the beginning, but it all has to start with you taking up responsibility for your own fate.

The Community Synchronicity Journal

I’ve been lurking and posting around reddit for a while now, subscribed to r/occult and r/philosophy among other subs, but there’s this one page that I really found interesting. r/MysticsOnTheRise. Most of the occult or metaphysics-related subreddits there are more or less geared towards beginners with little to no magickal or mystical training or experience, and I think that sub really addresses this niche.

Now, hoping to help start a conversation and learn from it, I started a thread where people can write about their encounters with weird coincidences, Deja Vu, and other weirdness. Why? Mostly because it sounds like fun, and also because it’ll help us glimpse into how these things occur and what events correlate to them.

The party’s just starting, and you’re totally welcome to come.

You can view the entire thread right here

Enter, Mind-Police

Last week, the New Scientist has published an article about how Google would change its search algorithm again, but this time, it doesn’t account for the number and quality of links a website is tied to, but instead, the truthfulness of its content. Does anyone smell a fish in here somewhere?

Of course. If you read that article I’ve linked to, then you would know that their definition of truth is how often a certain fact is repeated in the internet, and if it has previously been archived in Google’s Knowledge Vault. Now, I’m all for promoting trustworthy and high-caliber content, but I am inclined to think that what they are doing is only going to be serving the vested interests of a privileged few. (*coughs* NSA *coughs*)

Imagine all of the “Reliable” news outlets on the internet getting all the traffic, totally eschewing the fringe sites that may or may not offer a unique view or new information to the reading public. It would only serve to strengthen the grip of consensual reality on our collective minds. Trying to weed out the good from the bad is a noble deed, but I believe that as a platform, and not just a commercial website, Google has a responsibility to be transparent in the content it serves on its search results.

But, on Google’s defense, they can do whatever the eff they want to do on their website, so long that it helps them fulfill the main purpose of any business, profit (This is not necessarily a bad thing, I believe in a free market.). It’s fortunate that there’s always alternatives:







I can only attest to the quality of two of them, Bing and DuckDuckGo, and provide the rest for the sake of giving you guys more choices. The aforementioned update isn’t live yet, so there really isn’t any need to change your surfing habits if you don’t really agree with what they are planning on doing.

But better to be aware than not.