Enter, Mind-Police

Last week, the New Scientist has published an article about how Google would change its search algorithm again, but this time, it doesn’t account for the number and quality of links a website is tied to, but instead, the truthfulness of its content. Does anyone smell a fish in here somewhere?

Of course. If you read that article I’ve linked to, then you would know that their definition of truth is how often a certain fact is repeated in the internet, and if it has previously been archived in Google’s Knowledge Vault. Now, I’m all for promoting trustworthy and high-caliber content, but I am inclined to think that what they are doing is only going to be serving the vested interests of a privileged few. (*coughs* NSA *coughs*)

Imagine all of the “Reliable” news outlets on the internet getting all the traffic, totally eschewing the fringe sites that may or may not offer a unique view or new information to the reading public. It would only serve to strengthen the grip of consensual reality on our collective minds. Trying to weed out the good from the bad is a noble deed, but I believe that as a platform, and not just a commercial website, Google has a responsibility to be transparent in the content it serves on its search results.

But, on Google’s defense, they can do whatever the eff they want to do on their website, so long that it helps them fulfill the main purpose of any business, profit (This is not necessarily a bad thing, I believe in a free market.). It’s fortunate that there’s always alternatives:







I can only attest to the quality of two of them, Bing and DuckDuckGo, and provide the rest for the sake of giving you guys more choices. The aforementioned update isn’t live yet, so there really isn’t any need to change your surfing habits if you don’t really agree with what they are planning on doing.

But better to be aware than not.

Q&A Time: The Enemies of Her Majesty, The Red Queen

I’ve been in a dry spell lately, and sad to say that I might need to put off the next Cosmic Banter article until I could get my thoughts arranged to write it down in a way that won’t end up with me just rambling at the end. That is why I decided to do something different: Solicit a question from one of my friends (or you!) for me to answer on this here blog.

Here we go! IKIMASHOU!!!

The first question goes to one of my closest friends: Does Queen Ellis/Elise have any enemies?

That was a doozy, I’ve honestly never thought of that. So I decided to go ask the spirits directly, which involved a three-card spread. And we got:

Eight of Clovers | Four of Hearts | Six of Diamonds

The Eight of Clovers denote a network of power, or energy going really, really fast over many points. This suggests something related to communications, possibly mass-media, or it might be a group of very powerful people.

The Four of Diamonds show a foundation for emotions to proceed from, but also emotions becoming more stable. Taken in a negative light, this might mean something that makes people emotionally inert or complacent with their own existence. The only thing I could think of that has that kind of effect is the Mainstream Entertainment industry trying to make us Keep Up with people who wouldn’t otherwise care about our existence, or a religious or cultural hierarchy that discourages people from exploring things they don’t know.

And finally, the Six of Diamonds, being in a state of balance or dynamic stability with one’s finances or other resources. One doesn’t have an exceedingly large amount of money, but large enough to be able to be relatively comfortable, and, do something with the money at the same time. This sounds like something related to the Banking system.

Suspicious. What do all of these have in common?

They all keep the masses from making their own choices about their own beliefs and mold the minds of the people to favor the status quo.

Sounds like something out of tinfoil-hat-land, but such things aren’t really that far-fetched, based on some stuff I’ve rambled on about previously.

And it makes total sense, since the LS’s original purpose was to disrupt consensual reality and make the world a more magickal place. Fulfilling that purpose is bound to make you run up against pretty big players with a vested interest in making sure your mind stays similar to that of livestock.

I’ll just leave this here: