We need Free Market Capitalism

Disclaimer: The following was taken from a recent Facestalk post I made a few days ago. It is a bit off-topic, but hey, it’s my blog, I get to write what I want. You have been warned.


It’s a bit annoying when I see graffiti out in the streets shouting a call to arms from the people to take up and overthrow the state.

I feel them, I know how terrible the country is being run, but socialism is not the answer. It never matures into true communism because of the same fallible people it claims to give equality to.

The dream of Communism is exactly what it is, a dream. A beautiful dream that reduces you to tears when you realize it is but a fantasy. The socialism-phase that these people are calling us up to are going to create, feed, and grow a beast just as horrible as the one we have running the state now.

Yes, there is inequality in capitalism. Yes, the rat race is in capitalism. Yes, multinational corporate empires are raping our nation for all its beauty and resources.

But, only true free-market capitalism can possibly give an 18-year old high school graduate, and breadwinner of his family the best chance that he’s got. The only system that would let him use his talents, skills and sheer, unhindered Will to rise up from the dirt and mire that he’s buried in.

Only by lassez faire markets can one be rewarded for what one is worth. Only by a truly free market capitalist economy, unhindered by stifling regulations, monopolized by idiotic central banks and corrupted by the ambitions of those in political office can the Hidden Hand of Capitalism correct our state of being and our nation.

There goes my 6 cents.


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