A teddy bear

(This micro-story was written for The Daily Post Challenge, Flash Fiction. Enjoy.)


The store door opens, and the children come in. Some of them look excited about their trip to the local toymaker’s shop. Some of them were just bored, sighing at even the most beautiful toys there. The toys themselves were as varied. Little yellow birds, black and white cats. Figures of witches, wizards, and Time-travelling immortals in blue boxes.

Each shelf was slowly emptied of its contents. All were marveled at and taken. 

Except one.


Hi! Kids! Look at me!

I bet you haven’t seen a bear like me!

A metal bowtie on my head,

Thick rimmed glasses, all spiky!


The black teddy bear looked at all the children that passed by, eager to be hugged and loved by one of them. Anyone. Just one.

He wanted to jump and wave at every in excitement, but his body couldn’t allow him. Cotton wasn’t meant for movement.


I look rough, but please give me a chance,

I promise I’ll never leave!

I’ll always hold your hand,

Be there when you’re sad.


He saw each child leave, a toy in hand, silently wishing it’d be his turn. 

You see, he’s at an odd place at the toy store. He’s at the window display near the door, put on the windowsill facing the people entering the store. The place where everyone could see him, and not know he even existed. 


Take me home with you,

I promise I won’t ever hurt you,

and I’ll even protect you from the Nightmares.

Please give me a chance!


He began to envy those other toys. He looked at them, at their glinting, lifeless eyes. 

He felt his non-existent heart crumple. Not having any tears to shed, the pain built crushing weight within.


Why them? What do you see in them?

I’ve waited here for years…

Why is it always them!

Why can’t it ever be me…?


He was screaming inside. Helpless, he was filled with the loneliness of ages and the pain of a hundred neglected souls, hollow with the need for love.

He was screaming inside. And no one cared, no one even heard.

He was screaming inside. And the lights went out, as the toymaker closes the store doors.

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