Kintsukuroi (Poem)

Sometimes, the darkest parts of your life, the lowest points in your existence as a sentient being, is the one that will change you the most. Either propelling you to the heights dreamed of only by the most hopeful of us, or bury you into a living hell of your own creation.

This is not to say that we should encourage human suffering, but rather to say that it is a natural mechanism of human survival. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This is also not to say that we are defined by our dark pasts, but rather, it provides us with the chance to be repaired, and to be better and more beautiful for the future to see.



Your glaze shining.

Your color that of the seas

Precious treasure of mine.


An infidel,

Ignorant of your worth,

Breaks you irreversibly.

No matter,

I shall pick you up,

Shard by painful shard,

And bring you back together.


I set my work,

With gold dust and amber resin,

My Labor begins.

At long last!

Once again you are whole!

More beautiful than before!

My blood and tears, well spent.

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