Digital Talismans

Classic texts on the manufacture of talismans always necessitate the use of metals and/or other rare materials in their composition. I hate it. I cant even begin to tell you how much I hate it.

Metal is hard to manipulate without the proper equipment, time consuming and is effing expensive! That’s the same thing with the other things that one might use like virgin parchment, crystals, and vellum. Even the metallic cylinders that one’d put them in is hard to find, or rather difficult to make. I even tried bone, and it is way to hard to carve. (Plus, making using the byproducts of the death of another living being isn’t gonna do me well on the karmic side of things.)

I’m ranting, I know, but, I also thought up of a way to get past the limitations of medium when it comes to making talismans. I’ll just make them digitally!

A digital object is as real as physical objects because they can be held in the mind. A digital object is as illusory as physical objects. You might say that it’s a silly endeavor, but hey! We’re talking magick here, nothing’s silly, everything might work! (You see what I just did there?)

So, I take any design I’d have for a talisman, like lines of mantra, magick squares and sigils, and arrange them in a concept sketch, and them do the whole shebang in Ps. The charging part’s tricky though. What I’ve tried so far was to write a physical version on paper, charge it business as usual and then post the digital copy on any of my online profiles. (See given talisman)

Aside from it doing whatever function I intended it to do, it would also act as an Ellisian tag, furthering the LS’s purpose of making reality more fluid and mutable, therefore making magick easier.

Ok, later guys, I have to spam my FB account.

^ _ ^

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