The Black Nazarene, Thoughtforms and Talismans

Today, January 9, wass the annual Feast of the Black Nazarene, where thousands and thousands of devotees came to pay their respects and worship towards the venerated image, deemed to be miraculous by many of my people. Over the years, there are dozens of true to life stories where people were healed, saved and countless other testimonials. And, yes, I would say that the image does have power, but not because it’s the physical representation of a holy figure… But because it’s a gigantic talisman housing the cultural thoughtform of a suffering people.

It all started as a business as usual image that would be transferred here to the Philippines as part of the galleon trade route from Acapulco, Mexico, to Manila, but the ship it was on was set on fire after getting hit by lightning while on route. The whole ship was an epic charred pieces of destruction, but “miraculously”, only the image survived, but with the white skin surface darkening from the burns and soot. It was all the rage because of that incident, practically drowning out St John the Baptist’s presence in his own basilica!

Other than popularity due to “miracle”, another reason why the Filipino people revere and venerate the image so much is because of how much they relate to it as a people. Every lash, wound and scar corresponding to their 333 years of Spanish oppression and subsequent overlords, the terrors of WWII and internal tyranny. He is the classic example of the suffering hero. He became the hero of the people.

Now, imagine all of the mental and emotional energy those thousands release everyday, culminating on January 9, all those suffering in the unbearable heat, suffocating crowds and danger to life and limb, all of it for the sake of an image that’s not even the original statue. From any chaote’s point of view, that would slowly but surely create a thoughtform powerful enough to be able to affect the requests of its devotees, it creators.

A thoughtform by the way is a complex mental object created by repeated concentration by a person or group of persons. The same effect can be seen with talismans, where the effects can be effected by a mage of sufficient skill, or a totem, where a group of people continually charge it. It would need a physical base in order to anchor the thoughts of the participant/s.

Yeah, yeah, you can see what’s goin’ on here… ^ _ ^

The Black Nazarene is a gigantic cultural talisman of epic proportions!

Think of all the testimonies, think of all the people whose hopeless medical or financial situations have been gradually solving themselves ever since they touched the image or even wiped a towel on its wooden surface. One could simply say that’s its a fluke of fate, coincidence- but that’s exactly the thing! Everything is probably, and when a mind (especially devoted ones) puts a one-minded effort to something, without desire, without “lust of result”, probability just gets all warped and wonky. (besides, i really dont believe in coincidences.).

Viva Senor Hesus Nazareno!!!
^ _ ^