The Cosplay Godform Assumption Technique

    One of the most useful techniques in magick is the assumption of personas or Godforms, which allows the operator to integrate the aspects of the said entity into their own self and use the temporary “power up” for some specific use (like in a ritual.).

I actually found the old techniques a bit too dry and/or boring to incorporate into daily ritual practice.

But one day, that all changed.

Cosplay was a steadily rising art and craft here in the Philippines, and of course, because I love anime and manga, I was easily encouraged to join the hobby. It’s a combination of theater art and crafts, where you play the role of the character that you want to portray, and majority of the effort in making the costume also comes from you. It was really fun, and its easy to get into character once you’re in full get up.

Sounds familiar?

Yes, the same techniques in cosplay can be employed in Godform assumptions, one can even choose to use anime characters instead of the Greek/Roman or Egyptian pantheon. What’s important is that one sets the mood for theirselves. All the hard work that comes from building the props and making the costumes have a really effective way of doing that. And I also remembered the time that we had a Vocaloid* cosplay where I played Zeito**, I surrounded myself with music videos and literature related to him. One could easily see the parallels between this and the preparatory stages for a major invocation.

Then finally, the day of the Cosplay Event, we made our way to the Mall where the Convention was held. The atmosphere really gets you hyped up. Seeing your beloved characters come to life in flesh and blood is really a different kind of thrill. It easily let me get into character. I pulled out my best impressions of Zeito, and for the next eight or so hours, Reality and Fantasy fused into one. 

I went home feeling fulfilled and powerful. Then I realized,  I just found a very powerful tool in my arsenal.
Hope you guys have as much fun as I did. ^ _ ^

*Vocaloid: VocalAndroid, a voice synthesizing engine complete with its own visual avatar that lets independent artists compose and produce their own music.

**Zeito: One of the Vocaloids.