The more and more i see and observe the world around me, three things are ever present. And 
because of the pervasiveness of these characteristics, the unease it brings makes me question the very foundations of my existence. What defines the line between Dream and Waking? Where does thought and emotion end, and actions, bodily sensations begin? Is there truly any inherent meaning and value to the goals i have set for myself, which are no different than what other have set?
Even though these questions maybe too dramatic, far-flung or even superficial and fanciful, they really did begin to arise when i slowly began to see more and more these Three characteristics in all of the concerned objects:
  1. Change, otherwise known as Impermanence, whose constant shifting of all things in and around objects (Thoughts, actions, events, People, Countries, Concepts) lead to the second:
  2. Unrest, otherwise known as Suffering, where, because nothing stays the same, objects are forced to either adapt to the ensuing storm of changes, or get swept away. The constant adaptation that objects and people go through leads to the third and last:
  3. Lack Of Inherent Identity/Meaning, where all things forced to adapt and change along with everything else, lose and take on new meaning/identity each passing moment.

Nothing ever stays the same. To keep thinking that it will is the greatest Ignorance, to which everyone falls victim to. To keep thinking that we are what we think we are blocks us out of the wisdom brought in by other’s view of us. Instinctive awareness brought about by mindful and objective view of the world around us will bring us the wisdom and spontaneity to act and respond to this ever-changing world, in harmony with every living being.

-The Black Squid